In 2013, The Hatch Foundation started an ambitious project to renovate several rooms at the Tennyson Center for Children.  Many of the meeting rooms and family therapy rooms have not been updated in 20+ years.  With the help of our volunteers and community-based partners, we have completed 3 phases in the past 3 years and will continue our renovation work in 2016.    

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We rely on in-kind donations and small contributions to accomplish our mission.

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Our work is 100% volunteer driven. Becoming a volunteer gives you the chance to make an impact in your community and grow your network.



  • 2013:  Renovated two, 500 sq. ft. Conference Rooms over the course of 6 days with 21 volunteers contributing 283 total hours.

  • 2014:  Renovated two, 250 sq. ft. Family Therapy rooms over the course of 10 days with 18 volunteers contributing 180 total hours.

  • 2015:  Renovated one 300 sq. ft. Family Therapy room over the course of 8 days with 18 volunteers contributing 163 total hours.

  • 2016:  Renovating one 200 sq. ft. Family Therapy room and adding a fresh coat of paint to our previously completed rooms.